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CI Research Themes

NOAA’s diverse functions require an equally diverse set of skills and constantly evolving abilities in its workforce. NOAA’s vision centers on a holistic understanding of the interdependencies between human health and prosperity. Across the United States, Cooperative Institutes’ research projects are supporting NOAA’s research goals and enterprise objectives. These projects help anticipate and respond to climate and its impacts, prepare for and respond to weather-related events, develop sustainable marine fisheries, habitats within healthy and productive ecosystems, and improve coastal and Great Lakes communities that are environmentally and economically sustainable.


  • Climate and Ocean Variability, Change and Impacts
  • Earth Systems and Processes
  • Environmental Chemistry and Ocean Carbon
  • Marine Ecosystems: Observation, Analysis, and Forecasts
  • Ocean and Coastal Observations
  • Environmental Data Science
  • Aquaculture Science
  • Human Dimensions in Marine Systems
  • Polar Studies


  • Future Atmosphere
  • Climate Science and Prediction
  • Earth System Data Science
  • Stewardship and Application
  • Regional Science and Applications
  • Scientific Outreach, Education and Diversity
  • Space Weather Science and Prediction
  • Weather Research and Forecasting
  • Ecosystem Science and Prediction


  • Observing Systems and Advanced Technology
  • Invasive Species and Food-Web Ecology
  • Hydrometeorological and Ecosystem Forecasting
  • Protection and Restoration of Resources


  • Ecological Forecasting
  • Ecosystem Monitoring
  • Ecosystem-based Management
  • Protection and Restoration of Resources
  • Oceanographic Monitoring and Forecasting
  • Climate Science and Impacts
  • Air-Sea Interactions
  • Tsunamis and Other Long-period Ocean Waves


  • Climate Research and Impacts
  • Tropical Weather
  • Sustained Ocean and Coastal Observations
  • Ocean Modeling
  • Ecosystem Modeling and Forecasting
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Protection and Restoration of Resources


  • Science to Support Ecosystem-Based Management of Living Marine Resources
  • Research, Development, and Technology Innovation for Global Ocean Observations and Monitoring
  • Coastal and Oceanic Observations, Analysis, and Prediction
  • Weather, Water, and Climate Research


  • Conservation, Protection, and Restoration of Marine Resources
  • Marine Ecosystems
  • Ocean Acoustics
  • Ocean, Coastal, and Seafloor Processes


  • Earth System Modeling
  • Seamless Prediction Across Time and Space Scales
  • Earth System Science: Analysis and Applications


  • Satellite Meteorology Research and Applications
  • Satellite Sensors and Measurement Techniques
  • Environmental Models and Data Assimilation
  • Outreach and Education


  • Sustained Ocean Observations and Climate Research
  • Ecosystem Research, Observation, and Modeling
  • Stock Assessment Research
  • Protected Species Research and Recovery
  • Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management


  • Satellite Algorithm Development, Training and Education
  • Regional to Global Scale Modeling Systems
  • Data Assimilation
  • Climate-Weather Processes
  • Data Distribution


  • Water Resources Prediction Capabilities
  • Community Water Resources Modeling
  • Hydroinformatics
  • Application of Social, Economical, and Behavioral Science to Water Resources Prediction


  • Satellite Services
  • Earth System Observations and Services
  • Earth System Research


  • Weather Radar and Observations
  • Mesoscale and Stormscale Modeling R&D
  • Forecast Applications Improvements R&D
  • Subseasonal to Seasonal Predictions for Extreme Weather Events
  • Social and Socioeconomic Impacts of High Impact Weather


  • Climate Change and Climate Variability Effects on Regional Ecosystems
  • Coastal Hazards
  • Ecosystem Management
  • Effective and Efficient Data Management Systems Supporting a Data-driven Economy


  • Exploration Planning and Execution
  • Ocean Exploration Technology
  • Increase Utility of Ocean Exploration Information