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University of Maryland, College Park
5825 University Research Court, Suite 4001
College Park, Maryland 20740
(301) 405-5397

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Research Themes

  • Satellite Services – to maximize the benefits of current and future NOAA satellite observation capabilities by providing end‐to‐end scientific expertise and support, and to accelerate transition of research into operations
  • Earth System Observations and Services – to advance our understanding of Earth System processes, using remotely sensed and in situ observations, models, and information technology, towards increased societal value of NOAA Earth System research
  • Earth System Research – to develop and leverage new satellite capabilities and approaches to existing and future satellite measurements, both biotic and abiotic, towards enhanced monitoring and predicting of ecosystems at regional to basin scales

Consortium Members

  • North Carolina State University
  • University of North Carolina System
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • University of Alabama
  • University of Alabama, Huntsville
  • City University of New York
  • George Mason University
  • Oregon State University
  • Howard University*
  • University of Michigan
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Georgia
  • University of California, Irvine*
  • South Dakota State University
  • Florida International University*
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Pacific Northwest National Lab
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Research Triangle Institute

* Minority Serving Institution

Award Details

 First 5-Year Award
Award NumberNA19NES4320002
Award PeriodJuly 1, 2019 –
June 30, 2024
Award Amount$175,000,000
Research Performance
Progress Reports
CI Review by
Science Advisory Board
Scheduled for 2023