Wednesday, June 19, 2019


In 2004, the NOAA Science Advisory Board conducted a review of agency research activities, which recommended, in part, that NOAA develop an agency-wide policy for managing all Cooperative Institutes and bring these institutes under a common procedural structure. In response, NOAA Administrative Order (NAO) 216-107 was issued and became policy in September 2005. This order sets forth the basic principles of NOAA Cooperative Institute management and authorizes a NOAA Cooperative Institute Handbook to detail the procedures for implementing the agency-wide policy. NOAA’s Grants Management Division and Science Advisory Board play critical supporting roles. 

NAO 216-107 also assigns primary management responsibilities to three organizational units within NOAA:

  • Cooperative Institute Committee – The Cooperative Institute Committee is a standing committee of the Research Council that is responsible for establishing and reviewing all procedures pertaining to Cooperative Institutes, implementation of Cooperative Institute policy, and the provision of aggregate financial and performance information on Cooperative Institutes upon request of the Research Council or any other NOAA office. 
  • Line Office – The Line Office to which the Cooperative Institute is assigned during the establishment process has the primary responsibility for administering the Cooperative Institute award, including oversight of the initial Cooperative Institute competition, monitoring of Cooperative Institute performance, processing funding to the Cooperative Institute throughout the award period, and managing the review renewal process. 
  • Research Council– The Research Council reviews recommendations from NOAA Line Offices or Goal Teams for establishing Cooperative Institutes, designates the Line Office responsible for maintaining the Cooperative Institute, approves review guidelines for Cooperative Institute renewals, and otherwise provides general oversight of the NOAA Cooperative Institute program.


  • Cooperative Institute Handbook (PDF)
  • FY19 Annual Operating Guidance (PDF)
  • Final CESU-CI Business Rules (PDF)
  • Annual Reporting

  • FY19 OAR-CIPO Annual Report Guidance (PDF)
  • NESDIS Annual Report Guidance (contact NESDIS)
  • NMFS Annual Report Guidance (contact NMFS)
  • Task I

  • Task One Summary (PDF)
  • CI FY16 Task I % (PDF)
  • CI FY17 Task I % (PDF)
  • CI FY18 Task I % (PDF)
  • CI FY19 Task I % (PDF)
  • CI21

  • CI21 Prospectus (PDF)
  • CI21 Technical Program Managers Roles and Responsibilities (PDF)
  • Additional Guidance Documents

  • Guidance for Competitive Proposal Submission (PDF)
  • Evaluating and Approving Cooperative Institute-Led Proposals Reliant on NOAA Resources (PDF)
  • Quarterly Reporting Guidance for Sandy Supplement CI Grants (PDF)
  • Cooperative Institute Guidance for FY13 Hot Item Submission (PDF)
  • NOAA Joint/Cooperative Institute Designation Memo (PDF)
  • Research Terms and Conditions Prior Approval and Other Requirements Matrix (PDF). This document is maintained by the Policy Office within the National Science Foundation.
  • Forms

    • CI Funding Memo (PDF)
    • CI Funding Memo Guidance (PDF)
    • CI Funding Release Form (PDF)