Sunday, May 26, 2019
Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere 
The Institute’s Cooperative Agreement with NOAA, which serves as a foundation to all its research pursuits, encompasses five theme areas and two cross-cutting programmatic areas: (1) Satellite Algorithm Development, Training and Education - Research associated with development of satellite-based algorithms for weather forecasting, with emphasis on regional and mesoscale meteorological phenomena, as well as development of training material to a wide variety of users, emphasizing operational forecasters; (2Regional to Global Scale Modeling Systems – Research associated with the improvement of weather/climate models that simulate and predict changes in the Earth system, including atmospheric and ocean dynamics, radiative forcing, clouds/convection, land surface modeling, hydrology, and coupled modeling of the Earth system; (3)Data Assimilation –  Continued development of techniques to assimilate environmental observations, including satellite, terrestrial, oceanic, and biological observations, for use in analysis, modeling, and prediction activities associated with weather/climate predictions; (4) Climate-Weather Processes – Research focusing on using numerical models and environmental data, including satellite observations, to better understand systems on the weather and short-term climate timescales (minutes to months) including regional climate; (5) Data Distribution – identifying effective and efficient methods of quickly distributing and displaying environmental and model data using web map services, data compression algorithms, and other techniques; Cross-Cutting Area 1:  Societal and economic studies on the impacts of weather and climate on society, as well as the value of NOAA Research; Cross-Cutting Area 2:  Education and Outreach on Behalf of NOAA and the University focused on educating diverse audiences on weather and climate topics using a tiered, data-centered approach.

New wing of CIRA on the Foothills Campus
The recently completed Founder’s Wing at CIRA.  [Photo credit: CIRA]

Colorado State University 
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1375

Professor Christian Kummerow, Director

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