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Northern Gulf Institute

The Northern Gulf Institute (NGI) is a partnership of Mississippi State University, the University of Southern Mississippi, Florida State University, Louisiana State University, the Alabama Dauphin Island Sea Laboratory, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The Northern Gulf Institute engages nationally and internationally recognized academic experts who provide intellectual and technological capacity to address comprehensive regional ecosystem approaches to science and management in the northern Gulf of Mexico. NGI conducts research that builds an integrated, comprehensive understanding of natural and human impacts on northern Gulf of Mexico ecosystems and associated economies to improve its management. Research is conducted under four themes: ecosystem management, coastal hazards, geospatial technology and visualization, and climate change impacts. Research-driven transformations in regional ecosystem-based management enable managers and communities to improve the resilience and health of ecosystems and people and the sustainability of resources in the northern Gulf of Mexico. NGI research seeks to develop applications that address regional management needs. Allying with prominent entities within the region and performing collaborative research efforts ensures that this focus is maintained. NGI programs closely align with the efforts of several critical programs in the region such that the regional impact builds exponentially.

Through an unprecedented number of appearances and contributions to media events, NGI researchers and leaders helped the public understand the events and the ecosystem impacts in the weeks and months following the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Photo credit: DongJoo Joung, University of Southern Mississippi.

Mississippi State University
Science and Technology Center
Balch Boulevard
Bldg. 1021, Rm. 1032
Stennis Space Center, MS 39529

Dr. Robert Moorehead, II, Director

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