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Cooperative Institute at the University of Hawaii

JIMAR  named NOAA’s Cooperative Institute (CI) for the Pacific Islands Region. The JI "Joint Institute" prefix will preserve 35 years of identity and scientific reputation.

Research includes eight themes, focused on the Pacific Islands Region: (1) Ecosystem Forecasting – Improve  forecasting of the frequency and magnitude of ecosystem processes;(2) Ecosystem Monitoring – Use of coastal observing systems, deep ocean observations, air-/space-borne remote sensing (e.g. planes, satellites), and economic and social observing systems to understand and describe the present state of the various ecological environmental, economic, and social parameters; (3) Ecosystem–Based Management – Ecosystem approach to management and science support for the delivery of ecosystem services; (4) Protection and Restoration of Resources - Development of technology, research tools, and scientific approaches to effective protection and restoration of living marine resources, habitats, and ecosystems;  (5) Equatorial Oceanography – Collection and analysis of physical, biological , and chemical observations of the ocean that will yield valuable information about large-scale ocean property distributions and currents, including their variability over time scales; (6) Climate Research and Impacts – Understanding oceanic and atmospheric processes associated with global and regional climate change on various temporal scales and impacts of climate variability and change; (7) Tropical Meteorology –Multidisciplinary research involving atmosphere-ocean carbon dioxide exchange fluxes, water column carbon dioxide distributions and transport, and data interpretation and modeling;(8) Tsunamis and Other Long-Period Ocean Waves - Improving  predictability of the onset, duration, and impact of tsunamis, coupled with the provision of an electronically accessible database of rapidly sampled sea level observations from existing Hawaiian coastal sea level gauges maintained by NOAA.

Weaned Monk Seal Pup with Green Sea Turtle at French Frigate Shoals, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photo courtesy of NOAA Fisheries, Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center, taken under MMPA/ESA permit #848-1695.

University of Hawaii
1000 Pope Road
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Dr. Mark Merrifield, Director

Cooperative Institutes

About Us

The NOAA Cooperative Institutes are academic and non-profit research institutions that demonstrate the highest level of performance and conduct research that supports NOAA's Mission Goals and Strategic Plan. 

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