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Cooperative Institute for Ocean Exploration, Research, and Technology

CIOERT serves NOAA/OAR/OER priorities in four theme areas:

Development of advanced underwater technologies – expanding the scope and efficiency of exploration and research by developing, testing, and applying new technologies and innovative uses of existing technologies;

Exploration and research of frontier regions of the eastern U.S. continental shelf and beyond – exploration and research of ecosystems and habitats of economic, hazardous, scientific or cultural importance;

Improved understanding of deep and shallow coral ecosystems - using advanced underwater technologies and techniques to improve the understanding of coral and sponge ecosystems;

Outreach and education – expanding ocean literacy and building NOAA's technical and scientific workforce through hands-on, at-sea experiences.

The Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) is CIOERT’s primary NOAA partner. CIOERT’s academic and research partners are Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute-Florida Atlantic University, the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, the University of Miami, and SRI International, St. Petersburg, Florida.

Galatheid crab Eumunida picta in Lophelia deepwater coral.

Galatheid crab Eumunida picta in Lophelia deepwater coral. Image by HBOI’s Johnson-Sea-Link manned submersible during 2010 Gulf of Mexico expedition.

Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
Florida Atlantic University
5600 US 1 North
Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Dr. Shirley Pomponi, Executive Director

Cooperative Institutes

About Us

The NOAA Cooperative Institutes are academic and non-profit research institutions that demonstrate the highest level of performance and conduct research that supports NOAA's Mission Goals and Strategic Plan. 

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